Abdush-Shahid, Atallah 6300 Maintenance SNR-RP Rosa Parks
Acampora, Susan 5353 Associate Professor Library Gill Library 305 B
Acuna, Laura Tutor Chemistry & Biology
Aguilera, Dr. Nibaldo 212-815-1710 Instructional Staff SNR DC-37
Aiello, Janey 5230 Bursar Admin Ctr G1
Ain, Quratul 5040 Coord. User Support & Instructional Facilities Mooney Ctr 131
Allis, Maryanne 5471 Secretary to Assistant Dean SON Angela 203R
Alvarado Teuscher, Marianna 5209 Coordinator of Campus Visitation 4 Hemlock Place 1
Anderson, Christopher 5035 Admission Receptionist 4 Hemlock Place 13
Anderson, Judith 5733 Instructional Staff Social Sciences DC37 DC-37
Andrews, Warren 5926 Chief Information Officer Mooney Ctr 113
Anker, Michael 6728 Instructional Staff SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Antonaccio, Michael 5033 Dir. of Sports Info. and Student Svc. Comm. Wellness Center 117
Archer, Joseph 5818 Electrician Chidwick Gr fl
Arko, Dr. Robert S 5450 Associate Professor Psychology GRS Chidwick 208A
Bajana, Silvana 5852 Dir. of Latino & Intl Initiatives Mooney Ctr 304
Baker, Andrew 6640 Instrucional Staff SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Baker Young, Lenora 5787 Central Receiving Clerk Maura Gr Fl
Balfe, Judith 6225 Coord. New Student Advisement and Attend Mon SNR Co-op City
Ballard, Ebony 6618 Pre-College Academic Programming Assistant John Cardinal O'Connor
Balliet, Hannah 5548 Assistant to Director of Info. Systems Mooney Ctr 155
Baptiste, Lenora 6853 Senior Financial Aid Counselor BK Brooklyn
Barahona, Diana 5229 Assistant Bursar Admin Ctr G1
Barriteau Phaire, Candace 5022 Assistant Professor Education GRS Chapel Hall G7
Bass, Dr. Amy 5987 Professor History SAS Castle 302N
Beckford, Lilleth 6232 Associate Professor Library Co-op Co-op City
Bekoe, Eric 6334 Instructional Staff SNR Rosa Parks
Bellmare, Linda 5873 Clinical Assistant Professor SON Angela 306L
Benhuri, Gloria 5560 Assistant Professor SON Angela 305R
Benitez, Ana 5216 Transcript Specialist/Registrar Admin Ctr G1
Bennett-Lord, Fay 6834 Instructional Staff SNR Brooklyn
Berman, Dr. Kristin B 5970 Associate Professor - GRS Chapel Hall G12
Bimbo, Colleen 5809 Coordinator of Admission SON 4 Hemlock Place 6
BinnsSimpson, Kay 5324 Grant Compliance Officer Chapel Hall G4
Birotte, Nael 6200 Maintenance SNR Co-op City
Biscoglio, Dr. Joseph 5605 Assoc Prof Guidance & Counseling GRS Chidwick 207B
Bjorkman, Neal 5787 Shipping & Receiving Clerk Maura Gr Fl
Black, April 6822 PCAP Program Assistant Brooklyn
Blain, Linda 5573 Director Learning Resource Center for Nursing Angela Gr Fl
Blake, Tiffani 5862 Dean of Students Sweeny Student Ctr 230
Blay, Christina E 5877 Circulation Manager Gill Library 100 C
Blount, LaToya 5881 Area Coordinator of Residence Life & Housing Opera Sweeny Student Ctr 228
Boatswain, Bryan 5614 Instructional Technology Assistant SNR Mooney Ctr 134
Bolton, Michael 6843 Security Officer SNR Brooklyn
Bonet, Justine 5310 Biology Lab Manager Rogick 301
Borge, Keith 5552 Controller Admin Ctr 203
Bowen, Andrew 6704 Security Officer SNR
Bowen, Jersey 6200 Maintenance SNR Co-op City
Brabham Burrell, Nyoka 6837 Staff Assistant Brooklyn
Brady, Robin 5037 Tennis Coach Wellness Center 115
Brewster, Elisha 5241 Admin Assistant to Director of Annual Giv Mooney Ctr 209
Bront De Avila, Dr. Elena 5537 Campus Director SNR Admin Ctr 104
Brown, Kenya 6339 Administrative Assistant Rosa Parks
Brunt, David 5734 Instructional Staff SNR DC-37
Caggiano, Geraldine 5433 Assistant to the Office of the President Castle President Area
Cammarota, Holly Athletic Assistant
Canning, Dr. Susan 5275 Professor Art SAS Mooney Ctr 240
Carino, Jane 5481 Facilities Coordinator Maura Gr Fl
Carlisle, Yetka 6742 Coordinator of Retention SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Carlson, Dr. Stephanie 5455 Director Counseling & Health Services Angela 105R
Carpinelli, Lenore 5272 Director of College Relations Mooney Ctr 307
Caruso, Lorraine 5570 Asst. to Provost/SVP Academic Affairs Castle 207N
Cascarano, Gina 5248 Secretary to Dean & Office Manager Castle 328
Castrignano, Jane 5342 Adjunct Reference Librarian Gill Library 100 C Ref
Cavanagh, Kevin 5085 Vice President for Enrollment Management 4 Hemlock Place 7
Charles, Mario 6327 Associate Professor Library Rosa Parks Rosa Parks
Chattin, Francine 5201 Staff Assistant Mooney Ctr 204C
Christian, Alfred 5572 Staff Assistant General Services Maura Gr Fl
Chueiri, Ademar 6624 Associate Dir Financial Aid SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Clayborne, Joanne 6616 Assistant to the Librarian JOC John Cardinal O'Connor
Cohen, Dr. Barbara 5875 Dir. RN/BSN Program SON Angela 204R
Colarusso, Teresa 5303 Chemistry Lab Manager SAS Science 305
Conte, Dr. Susan 5671 Assoc Prof Guidance & Counseling GRS Chapel Hall G13
Contreras, Teresita 5439 Undergraduate Clinical Placement Coordinator Angela 205L
Coombs, Roseclare 6833 Administrative Asst SNR Brooklyn
Cooper, Brett 5301 Instructor SAS Mooney Ctr G19
Counihan, Sr. Martha 5349 Associate Professor Library/Archivist Gill Library 307 A
Coyne, James 5483 Courier Maura Gr Fl
Craig, Emory 5536 Dir. e-Learning & Instructional Technologies Mooney Ctr 159
Crawford, Natasha 5480 Library Asst. Serials/Electronic Resources Gill Library 122
Crocker, Harold 5315 Director Wellness Center Wellness Center 116
Crowder, Michael 6228 Instructional Staff - Letters Co-op City
D Agostino, Jamie 5075 Aquatics Director & Head Womens Swim Coach Wellness Center 11
Dantzler, Ursuline P 5528 Receptionist SNR / NR Admin Ctr 101
David, Linda 5286 Communications Assistant Mooney Ctr 209A
De Gennaro, Cristina 5856 Professor Art SAS Mooney Ctr 323A
Del Colle, Mary 5571 Coord Accounts Payable Admin Ctr 203
Dempsey, Michael 6241 Library Assistant Co-op City
DeSalle, Dr. Louis 5588 Associate Dean Curriculum/Instruction SNR 55 Leland 4
Dhani, Alicia 5507 Coordinator/Research & Assessment – SNR 55 Leland 5
DiBiase, Christopher 5879 Instructor English /Director of Writing Lab Castle 206N
Diomande, Lisa PCAP HSE Instructor
DiPiazza, Michael 5921 Director of Undergraduate Admissions 4 Hemlock Place 9
Doka, Dr. Kenneth J 5418 Professor Gerontology GRS Chidwick 108A
Doku, Dr. Philip 6329 Instructional Staff SNR Rosa Parks
Donius, Dr. Mary Alice Associate Professor School of Nursing
Dreher, Dr. H Michael 5441 SON Dean Angela 206L
Duernberger, Paul 5252 Assoc Dir Ops & Data Sys Mgmt 4 Hemlock Place 11
Eastmond, Jennine 6622 Staff Assistant/Filing John Cardinal O'Connor
Ebsworth, Dr. Timothy 5284 Assoc Prof Multicultural/Multilingual Ed GRS Chapel Hall G11
Efthalitsides, Georgia 5032 Coord. of Intramural and Recreation Wellness Center 117
Elegbe, Dr. Isaac 5457 Instructional Staff SNR Admin Ctr 108
Escribano, Dr. Dorothy 5535 Provost & Sr. VP for Academic Affairs Castle 209N
Espinoza, Melissa 5488 Asst. Dir. Student Development Sweeny Student Ctr 231
Estatico, Catherine 5498 Health Records Coord/Immunization Compliance Officer Angela 104L
Estwick, Dr. Daphne 6331 Campus Director Rosa Parks
Evangelou, Linda 5802 Assistant Director of Operations 4 Hemlock Place 9
Fazzino, Lusiella 5346 Scholarly Communications Librarian Gill Library 205 G
Feder, Dr. Luke 6848 Instructional Staff Brooklyn Brooklyn
Fernandes Hall, Alexandra Learning Commons Assistant
Ferrara, Michael 5318 Assistant Director of Facilities Management Maura Gr Fl
Ferrari, Dr. Anne 5416 Assoc Prof Psych SAS Rogick 210
Ferraro, Michael 6200 Maintenance SNR-CC Co-op City
Figueroa, Jesus M 5951 Asst Director of Safety/Security NR Campus Sweeny Student Ctr 109
Flynn, Fr. Joseph 5052 Chaplain Mooney Ctr 150
Fobbs, Andrea 5246 Assistant Financial Aid Counselor Admin Ctr G1
Fontoura, Ana 5456 Dean Gill Library Gill Library 205F
Forbes, Kemar 5508 Senior Accountant Admin Ctr 203
Frank, Charles 5256 Assistant Director Graduate Admissions 4 Hemlock Place 16
Frankl, Evan Adjunct Librarian
Frost, Dr. Anne Duval 5800 Associate Professor Nursing Angela 303R
Gallin, Sr. Alice 914-235-0114 Scholar in Residence
Gamble, Dr. Teri Kwal 5594 Professor Communication Studies GRS Mooney Ctr 243
Garcia, Dr. Daniel 5385 Assistant Professor History SAS Mooney Ctr G15
Garcia, Darlene 5808 Admissions Representative SAS/SON 4 Hemlock Place 15
Garcia-Ajofrin, Maria 5336 Instructor Public Administration Chidwick 108B
Gardiner, Christine 6726 Instructional Staff for Letters JOC John Cardinal O'Connor
Garrett, Laura 5942 Technical & Network Accts Coord Mooney Ctr 153
Geary, Dr. Colette 5854 Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Castle President Area
Germino, Damien 5864 Asst. Dir.Institutional Research
Gilliam, Michael 5308 Assistant Professor/Mathematics Rogick 213
Girling, Nancy 5956 Director Information Systems Mooney Ctr 155
Goewey, David 5821 Instructional Staff SNR Admin Ctr 106
Gordon, Dr. Judith 5392 Associate Professor Social Work SAS Castle 317
Gordon, Upton 5298 Security Officer Sweeny Student Ctr 109
Grande, Linda 5288 Director of Advancement Services Mooney Ctr 204C
Greene, Gail 6835 Library Assistant Brooklyn Brooklyn
Greenfeld, Dr. Stephen 212-815-1710 Campus Director SNR-DC 37 DC-37
Gregory, Michelle 6600 Receptionist SNR-JOC John Cardinal O'Connor
Guinn, Dr. Denise 5393 Associate Professor Chemistry SAS Rogick 103
Haber, Mark 5419 Associate Professor Library Gill Library 122 D
Hagerty, Amy 5493 Coordinator of General Services Maura Gr Fl
Hankins, Judith 5735 Staff Assistant Retention SNR DC-37
Harasym, Dr. Melanie 5590 Associate Professor Biology SAS Rogick 304
Harden, Ashley 5371 Interim Resident Director Ursula 113
Hardison-Rose, Casina 6326 Financial Aid Counselor RP Rosa Parks
Harp, Armon 6200 Assistant Director Security SNR Campuses Co-op City
Harper, Renee 5731 Financial Aid Counselor DC37
Hathaway, Dr. Katheryn T 5337 Associate Prof/Literacy GRS Chidwick 108D
Hebbert, Dianne 5945 Assistant Director Castle Castle Gallery
Henry, Charita 5000 Building Superviser/Driver Mooney Ctr Switch
Hill, Anthony 5677 Technology Coordinator Mooney Ctr 153
Hill, Denise Security Officer
Hill, Tracy 5540 Payroll Manager Admin Ctr 201
Hill-Smith, Delphine 6648 Assistant to the Director SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Hobbs, Steven 6226 Instructional Staff – letters CC Co-op City
Hogan, Dr. Arleen 6243 Campus Director SNR-CC Co-op City
Hogan, Dr. Maureen 5663 Assistant Professor of Education – GRS Chapel Hall G13
Holland, Alisha Sona Skills Academic Coach
Holmes, Michelle 5217 Specialist for SAS/SON/GNU & Instructional Space Admin Ctr G1
Holmes, Nicole 6337 Staff Assistant SNR-RP Rosa Parks
Holsten, Adam 5235 Web Content/E-Communications Specialist Mooney Ctr 307
Holt, Rachelle 212-815-1710 Staff Assistant Library DC37 DC-37
Hull, Ann 5377 Faculty Secretary Brescia 136
Hunt, Dr. Deborah 5312 Associate Professor SON Angela 305L
Huntington, Judith President
Hurrell, Dr. Rose Marie 5414 Professor Psychology SAS Rogick 205
Hurst, Colleen 5539 Manager of Collections and Default Prevention Admin Ctr 201
Hyland, Matthew 5550 Purchasing Agent Admin Ctr 203
Idowu, Judith 6846 Coordinator of Retention Systems SNR Brooklyn
Ierides, Dr. Theodora 5812 Associate Prof Phys Ed SAS Ursula G1
Jacob, Joseph 5223 Manager of Operations and User Support Mooney Ctr 153
Jacobs, Ellen 6828 Instructional Staff SNR Brooklyn
Jaworski, Michele 5667 Interim Coord. Internships & Employer Rel. Sweeny Student Ctr 216
Jenkins, Latasha 6333 Staff Assistant Immunization SNR Rosa Parks
Jenkins, Samuel 6600 Maintenance SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Johnson, Jerome 6844 Administrative Assistant for Tech Support Brooklyn
Jones, Dr. Darryl 5522 Dean, School of New Resources 55 Leland A
Junior-Brown, Linda 5245 Manager Application Development Mooney Ctr 155
Kelly, Deborah 5448 Clinic Asst Prof SON Angela 306L
Kelly, Kathleen 5801 Staff Assistant SON Angela 204L
Kellyman, Dwayne Security Officer
Kent, Yolanda Security Officer
Kindred, Dr. Jessica 6825 Instructional Staff Brooklyn
Kokumo, Dr. Isola 6223 Instructional Staff SNR Co-op City
Kontos, Jorie 5558 Special Asst. to the President for Board Relations Castle President Area
Kostel-Hughes, Dr. Faith 5306 Associate Prof Biology SAS Rogick 308
Kotonias, Nancy 5914 Director of Institutional Research Castle 300N
Kotraba, Simone 5017 Instructor (Special Education) GRS Chapel Hall G10
Kraman, Dr. Cynthia 5397 Associate Prof English SAS Castle 204N
Kuch, Pamala 5575 Manager of Compensation & Benefits Admin Ctr 201
Lafleur, Dr. Rebecca 5426 Associate Prof Psych SAS Rogick 209
LaFontana, Dr. Kathryn 5383 Asst. VP AA Pgm. Devel. Assessment Castle 201N
Lake, Sandra 6854 Admin Assistant to Director SNR Brooklyn
Lamar, Stacey 5608 Adjunct Faculty Angela 203L
Larkin, Dr. Dorothy 5872 Professor Nursing Angela 305R
Lartey, Eric 6343 Security Guard SNR Rosa Parks
Lavin, Dr. Claire 5591 Professor School Psychology GRS Chidwick 207C
Lawrence, Dr. Veronie 6858 Campus Director – Brooklyn Brooklyn
Lemon, Kenneth 6224 Staff Assistant SNR Co-op City
Lewis, Diane K 5561 Division Secretary GRS Chidwick 105A
Lewis, Michael 5458 Asst. Registrar for Tech. & Data Mgt. Admin Ctr G1
Lia, Samantha 5041 Admission Representative 4 Hemlock Place 7
Lilly, Samuel 6345 Inst. Staff Letters/Coor. Curric Implementat. Rosa Parks
Liptak, Dora-Lynn 5323 Division Secretary GRS Chidwick 103A
Lockett, Anissa 5736 Staff Assistant SNR DC-37
Loftis, Dr. Norman 6839 Instructional Staff SNR Brooklyn
Longordo, Dr. Elvira 5410 Associate Professor of Chemistry SAS Science 206A
Lopez, Brunilda 5345 Secretary to Dean Gill Library Gill Library 205
Lopez, Dr. Estrella 5816 Dir. Center for Teaching, Learning, & Leadership Chapel Hall G8
Lopez, Lisa 5524 Secretary to the Associate Dean SNR 55 Leland 2
LoPresti, Linda 5394 Associate Professor Business SAS Castle 306N
LoVergine, Christopher 5228 Associate Professor Business SAS Mooney Ctr 303
Luciano, Greisi 5957 Managing Secretary LCN Angela Gr Fl
Luisi, Diane 5215 Diploma Specialist Admin Ctr G1
Mahoney, Sr. Irene 5302 Faculty Emerita Gill Library Emeriti Room
Mahoney, Jennifer 5917 Director of Annual Giving Mooney Ctr 209C
Mannino, Kathleen 5359 Asst. Professor/Reference Librarian Gill Library 122 E
Manto, Claire 5282 Director Donor Relations Mooney Ctr 207
Marmolejos, Endrys 6600 Maintenance SNR-JOC John Cardinal O'Connor
Marshall, James 6619 Senior Financial Aid Counselor JOC John Cardinal O'Connor
Marshall, Robin 5434 Associate Director Fin Aid Admin Ctr G1
Martinez, Daisy 5012 Help Desk Coordinator Mooney Ctr 153
Matos, Mildred 5611 Online Teaching & Learning Coordinator Mooney Ctr 134
Maxwell, Dr. William 5277 Professor Art SAS Mooney Ctr 235
Mayer, Brenna Sheenan 5289 VP College Advancement Mooney Ctr 205
Mazza, Rachel 5037 Softball Coach Wellness Center 115
McAllister, Orlando 6646 Instructional Staff SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
McAlvanah, Margaret 5846 Clinical Instructor – School of Nursing Angela 304R
McCarthy, Dr. Daniel J 5582 Associate Professor Poli Sci SAS Castle 217NW
McCormick, Judith 5340 Circulation Asst Lib Gill Library 100 C
McCutcheon, Mynetta 5916 Corporations & Foundations Administrator Mooney Ctr 212
McEvoy, Shannon 5369 Coordinating Manager for Student Services Sweeny Student Ctr 231
McGee, Julia 5214 Director of Operations SAS Castle 322
McGovern, Danielle 5287 Assistant to Registrar Admin Ctr G1
McGuire, Margaret 5283 Director of Events Castle 102
McKernan, Dr. Anne 5408 Associate Professor History SAS Castle 304N
McLean, Michael 5449 Finanicial Aid Counselor-SAS/SON/GRS Admin Ctr G1
Medina, Jorge 5405 Assistant Professor of Economics/SAS Castle 309N
Merrill, Clayton Security Officer
Merriweather, Dr. Michelle 5462 Assoc Professor Math SAS Rogick 303
Metz, Hipolito 6660 Staff Assistant/Tech Support John Cardinal O'Connor
Meyers, Amy 5853 Instructor - Social Work SAS Castle 317
Milani, Mary 5494 Clinical Instructor SON Angela 303L
Miller-Saultz, Dr. Debra 5454 Assistant Professor Angela 304L
Milzoff, Marianne 5497 Registered Nurse for Health Services Angela 100
Minchillo, Carlo Adjunct Reference Librarian
Mohamed, Naima 6830 Instructional Staff Social Science Brooklyn
Mohammed, Asaad 5929 Database Coordinator 4 Hemlock Place 3
Monroe, Larry 6343 Security Guard Rosa Parks
Moore, Romelle 5567 Counselor for Counseling and Heath Services Angela 101
Morgan, Rob 5859 Design Director Mooney Ctr 312
Muir, Redella 5520 Secretary SNR-Dean 55 Leland A
Mullaney, Grace 5304 Assistant Prof Math SAS Science 204
Muller, Joan 6200 Administrative Assistant for Filing Co-op City
Murphy, Maria 5255 Office Manager Admission 4 Hemlock Place 3
Murphy, Mary 5291 Administrative Assistant College Relations Mooney Ctr 310A
Musharbash, Miyada 5266 Manager for Special Projects Mooney Ctr 204B
Nank, Vanessa 5322 Director of Operations GRS Chidwick 105B
Nared, Clinton 6343 Coordinator Security Rosa Parks
Neuhaus, Margie 5504 Associate Professor Art SAS Mooney Ctr 237B
Niedzwiecki, Eileen 5240 Major Gifts & Planned Giving Officer Mooney Ctr 204A
Nieves, Yvette 5262 Admissions Operations Coordinator 4 Hemlock Place 4
Nolasco, Elizabeth 5354 Library Assistant Gill Library 205
Noureddine, Nahed Nadia 5086 Asst Prof Modern Foreign Language SAS Castle 303N
Novotny, Michelle 5036 Director of Enrollment Operations 4 Hemlock Place 11
O Rourke, Dr. Stephen 5424 Associate Prof Psych SAS Rogick 206
Oates, Joanne 6627 Internship Coordinator SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Octobre, Marie 6824 Associate Professor Library Brooklyn Brooklyn
Oliver, Malcolm 5450 Assistant Professor, Public Administration Chidwick 208A
Olson-Bang, Dr. Erica 5406 Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Castle 305NW
O'Neal, Dr. Johnnie 5853 Assistant Professor SAS Social Work Castle 317
Ong, Dr. Nelson 5982 Associate Prof Poli Sci SAS Castle 217NW
Orna, Dr. Mary Virginia 5302 Faculty Emerita Gill Library Emeriti Room
Page , Yvette 6738 Associate Professor Library JOC John Cardinal O'Connor
Paige, Salwa 5446 Assistant Professor SON Angela 305L
Pane-Berrios, Allyssandra 5538 Financial Aid Counselor -SNR/NR Admin Ctr 110
Paterno, Barbara 5431 Assistant to the President Castle President Area
Paulis-Brucale, Michele 5437 Exec. Asst. to Dean SON Angela 205R
Pearlman, Catherine 5398 Assistant Professor, Social Work Castle 208N
Pearson, Victoria 6741 Instrucional Staff SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Pelak, Anne 5225 Director of Financial Aid Admin Ctr 304
Perri, Dorothy 5444 Secretary Undergrad SON Angela 205L
Petri, Michael 5256 Asst. Director of Graduate Admissions 4 Hemlock Place 16
Petrullo, Dr. Lynn A 5574 Professor Biology SAS Rogick 307
Pettigrew, Ms. Shawyonia 5737 Administrative Assistant DC-37
Phillip, Keleisha 5211 Sr. Asst Registrar SAS/SON/GNU & Instructional Space Admin Ctr G1
Phillip, Prenella 6631 Coordinator Retention SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Phillips, Virginia Director of Student Success
Pivak, Teresa 5806 Managing Secretary Wellness Center and Athletics Wellness Center 103
Planter, Jerome 5298 Security Officer Sweeny Student Ctr 109
Pondexter, Deneice 6733 Secretary to Director SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Potocki, Daniel 5803 Dir. of Partnerships & Corporate Development Carriage House B
Pringle, Willie 6843 Security Officer SNR Brooklyn
Qaabidh, Layla 5445 Instructor SON Angela 306R
Quandt, Dr. Diane 5579 Associate Professor Education SAS Brescia 133
Quinn, Dr. Michael 5576 Associate Prof Comm Arts SAS Mooney Ctr 242
Quinn, Tania 5257 Registrar Admin Ctr G1
Rameau, Pierrette 6236 Secretary SNR Co-op City
Ramos, Miguel 5309 Director of Admissions, GRS 4 Hemlock Place 8
Ramos-Kelly, Dr. Diane 5578 Assistant Professor Education Brescia 135
Ransom, Jennifer 5814 Associate Professor Library Gill Library 122 C
Rawlins, Dr. Roblyn 5386 Assoc Prof Sociology SAS Castle 324
Reese, Janet 6859 Admin Assistant Admission SNR
Reid, Carolyn 5491 Manager Inter-Library Loan Gill Library 122
Reuben, Anton Asst. Registrar - SNR/GRS & Off-Site Programs
Rhodes, Vickie 5236 Sr Associate Director Financial Aid Admin Ctr 304
Ribarich, Dr. Marie 5185 Faculty Chidwick 107B
Riullano, Alfredo 5075 Aquatics Director/Head Swim Coach Wellness Center 11
Roach, Beverly 5596 Assistant Director External Aid Admin Ctr 305
Roberts, Dr. Betty J. 5501 Vice President for Finance and Administration Admin Ctr 203
Robinson, Danielle 5258 Associate Director Undergraduate Admission SAS/SON 4 Hemlock Place 16
Robinson, Tammy 6845 Staff Assistant SNR Brooklyn
Rodgers, Timothy 6734 Director- JOC Campus John Cardinal O'Connor
Rodriguez, Gil 6622 Security Guard SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Roman, Davide Adjunct Librarian
Rosa, Carmen 5543 Associate Registrar Admin Ctr G1
Rosen, Dr. Arlene 5384 Assistant Professor SON Angela 304L
Rroji-Alonso, Jenny 5867 Director of Music Ensembles Chapel Hall G10
Rubin, Dr. Hyla 5971 Associate Professor Literacy GRS Chidwick 108C
Russ, Johnny 6327 Staff Assistant Library Rosa Parks Rosa Parks
Russell, Barbara 5202 Assistant to VP College Advancement Mooney Ctr 204D
Ruta, Angela 5553 Assistant to Vice President for Finance & Administration Admin Ctr 203
Ryan, Dr. Dennis 5402 Prof Rel Studies/Philosophy SAS Castle 313
Ryan, Noreen 5930 Assistant to VP Enrollment Management 4 Hemlock Place 3
Sabado, Joseph 6335 Instructional Staff SNR Rosa Parks
Sabree, Iman 5265 Security Officer/Staff Assistant Sweeny Student Ctr 109
Safer, Diane 5562 Interim Coordinator of Internships & Employer Rela Sweeny Student Ctr 212
Samuels, Rodney 5952 Director of Safety/Security Sweeny Student Ctr 109
Sanchez, Joan 5037 Head Basketball Coach Wellness Center 115
Santiago, Dr. Marie 5443 Associate Professor SON Angela 304R
Santomaso, Marissa 5034 Admissions Representative 4 Hemlock Place 15
Schleuderer, Stephanie 5607 Director of Nursing Operations Angela 202L
Scholes, Aisha 5412 Assistant to the Dean Chidwick 202A
Scott, Deryx 5805 Database Administrator/Web Developer Mooney Ctr 231
Scuro, Jennifer 5871 Assistant Professor Philosophy SAS Castle 307N
Segura-Rico, Dr. Nereida 5399 Assoc Prof Mod Fr Lang SAS Castle 315N
Shand, Dr. Lynda 5409 Associate Professor SON Angela 303R
Sheel, Dr. Antonia 5000 Director of Student Success Mooney Ctr Switch
Sibert, Tamatha 6321 Coordinator of Retention SNR Rosa Parks
Smart, Dr. Nick 5489 Associate Prof English SAS Castle 310
Smith, Daniel 5879 Critchlow Endowed Chair in English Castle 206N
Southard , Dr. Kristine 5271 Asst. VP for Academic Affairs Castle President Area
Spadaccini, Elizabeth 5556 Disabilities Coord. & Title IX Officer Castle 208N
Srivastava, Sandhya 5347 Assoc Prof/Elec Resources Librarian Gill Library 122
St. John, Dr. Patricia 5280 Professor Art/Com Art GRS Chapel Hall G2
Steplight, Mozell 6642 Staff Assistant SNR John Cardinal O'Connor
Stern, Emily B 5834 Professor Art SAS Mooney Ctr 321
Steward, Mona 6850 Staff Assistant SNR Brooklyn
Sucre, Natalia Adjunct Librarian
Sullivan, Pearl 6235 Coordinator of Retention SNR Co-op City
Sullivan, Dr. Walter 5388 Assoc Prof Educational Leadership GRS Chidwick 107B
Sullo, Fred 5555 Dir Facilities Management Maura Gr Fl
Summo, Ann 5295 Sec/Dir Res/Mail/Rec Coord Mooney Ctr 209C
Sweeny, Dr. Stephen J President Emeritus/Consultant to the President
Tate, Robert 5533 Instructional Staff SNR Admin Ctr 105
Thompson, Cynthia 6324 Admin Assist to Campus Director SNR Rosa Parks
Thompson, Errol 6840 Maintenance SNR Brooklyn
Thompson, Dr. Richard 5421 Dean SAS/Interim Dean GRS Castle 329
Toomey, Meghan 5558 Assistant to the President Castle President Area
Torres, Mariela 5568 Interim Director of Career Development Sweeny Student Ctr 211
Tracy, Ebony 5954 Security Office Manager Sweeny Student Ctr 109
Tufariello, Ms. Lisa 5316 Resident Director Sweeny Student Ctr 212
Tyler, Donna 5526 Associate Dean SNR 55 Leland 1
Tyrl, Paul 212-815-1710 Instructional Staff SNR DC-37
Valencia-Go, Dr. Geraldine 5445 Associate Professor Nursing Angela 306R
Valle, Dorothy 5396 Asst for Enrollment Mgt SAS Castle 321
Van Dyk, Hans 5238 Sr. Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations Mooney Ctr 213
Vance, Dr. Connie 5440 Professor Nursing Angela 303L
Vaughan, Loretta 5360 Asst. Dean for 1st Yr. Students & Retention SAS Castle 325
Vavasour, JoEllen 5541 Director of Human Resources Admin Ctr 202
Veltri, Ronald 5329 Copy Center Supervisor Maura Gr Fl
Vescio DiNolfo, Wendi 5561 Associate Dean GRS Chidwick 105A
Villaverde, Irene 5285 Assistant Director College Relations Mooney Ctr 311
Wallace, Shaunee 6334 Instrucional Staff SNR Rosa Parks
Walters, Natalie 5531 Admin Assistant SNR Admin Ctr 103
Warren, Dr. Lee 5413 Assistant Profesor Rogick 204-A
Washington, Charlotte 5521 Admin Assistant to Dean SNR 55 Leland A
Washington, Terrances 6300 Maintenance SNR Rosa Parks
Weed, Barbara 5382 Admin Asst to Dean SAS Castle 320
Weisman, Elizabeth 5281 Communication Specialist Mooney Ctr 306
Wells, Jason Security Officer
Wheaton, Janina 5529 Staff Asst for Attendance Monitoring Admin Ctr 109
White, Elaine 5364 Vice President for Student Services Sweeny Student Ctr 210
White, Jonathan 5610 Faculty Technology Specialist Mooney Ctr 134
White, Mary 5365 Asst VP for Student Services Sweeny Student Ctr 209
Wilkerson, Harold 6227 Director of Student Success Co-op City
Williams, David 5298 Security Corporal Sweeny Student Ctr 109
Williams, Kiara 5037 Head Cheerleading Coach Wellness Center 115
Williams, Vennesa 5250 Database Manager Mooney Ctr 211
Wilson, Jasmine 5534 Secretary SNR New Rochelle Campus Admin Ctr 109
Wilson, Susan 5609 Clinical Assistant Professor Angela 302L
Wisniewski, Elizabeth 5313 Coord. Of Math & Science Services Rogick 102
Wolf, Dr. Helen 5357 Executive Director of Mission & Identity Mooney Ctr 150
Wolf, Robert 5595 Professor Art Studio GRS Chapel Hall G15
Wragg, Herbert Security Officer
Zacariaz, Sagrario 6230 Financial Aid Counselor Co-op Co-op City
Zealand, Dr. Ruth 5581 Associate Professor Education SAS Brescia 134
Zimmer, Dr. Roxanne 5577 Associate Professor Comm Arts SAS Castle 308N
Zwolski, Dr. Kenneth 5815 Professor Nursing SON Angela 306R