2 0 0 9  H O O D I N G
  C E R E M O N I E S

Prior to the 102nd Commencement of the graduating Class of 2009, the traditional Hooding Ceremonies were held on all the campuses of The College of New Rochelle. Student representatives spoke on behalf of the graduates. Here are excerpts from those speeches.

We will surely miss the comfort of living in the residence halls and the joy of simply walking across Maura Lawn, but most of all we will miss the people who made our experience here meaningful. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the parents who have given us roots and the College that has given us wings. God, who has made all this possible, thank you for your blessing.

Merin George
School of Arts & Sciences

Here in the heart of Restoration Plaza, history was being made. It was here that our hearts and imaginations were set on fire.”

Jeffrey Campbell
School of New Resources
Brooklyn Campus

This evening we are here in this Chapel at The College of New Rochelle that stands on these grounds for 105 years to celebrate our life stories, learning experience, and success at the School of New Resources.  Here, on these grounds, we have grown into who we are.  Let us take our knowledge and transform the world! People need to know what is going on at The College of New Rochelle.

Clinton Bryant
School of New Resources
New Rochelle Campus

One night my little daughter asked me, “Daddy, what do you want to be when you grow up?”  I was stunned, and on that day I realized that I needed to get into college. Recently, my daughter asked me, jokingly, “Daddy, what do you want to be when you grow up?”  This was a triumphant moment for me, because I could finally answer her!

David Graham
School of New Resources
Co-op City Campus

I am here as a role model to my two daughters, my nieces, and my nephews. I want them never to give up, to continue trying.  Even if at times it seems that life can get in the way, it’s never too late to follow your dreams. 

Joyclyn Richards
School of New Resources
DC-37 Campus

The College of New Rochelle has given us the training and tools we need for the future, for new jobs, for graduate school, and anything else we choose to endeavor. The College of New Rochelle has enabled us to reach our potential.

Janis Dizon
School of New Resources
Rosa Parks Campus

We are on our way to the completion of something that is essential in this world we live in – education. Though every road may not have been paved in your quest for your college degree and you may have endured some obstacles, some of those potholes that made it difficult for you to continue, the last mile is here and the finish line is within reach. So run through this confetti of life and inspire and touch as many people as you can, and remember it was because of The College of New Rochelle that you are able to promote this kind of awareness.

Kevin Mitchell
School of New Resources
John Cardinal O’Connor Campus

This is not the time to say goodbye to The College of New Rochelle. Neither is it the time to bid farewell to the people whom we have met here. Rather, we must carry this vast, strong, and supportive network of colleagues with us into our futures. Our experience here at CNR is the foundation on which we will construct successful nursing careers and become the leaders that we are prepared to be.

Kemoy Richards
School of Nursing


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