T H E  C O L L E G E  O F  N E W  R O C H E L L E
2008 Hooding Ceremonies
- School of Arts & Sciences
- School of New Resources
- School of Nursing
Celebration of Achievement
- Graduate School


2 0 0 8  H O O D I N G  C E R E M O N I E S

Prior to the 101st Commencement of the graduating Class of 2008, the traditional Hooding Ceremonies were held on all the campuses of The College of New Rochelle. Student representatives spoke on behalf of the graduates. Here are excerpts from those speeches.

I would also like to thank The College of New Rochelle, School of New Resources for making it possible for adults like me to have a second chance to attain an education…. In addition, my fellow graduates, thank you for befriending me.  We did this together!  When assignments were due, we were always there to assist one another, and now we are here in this marvelous Hooding Ceremony.

Vivian Johnson
Rosa Parks Campus

This evening we are here in this Chapel at the College of New Rochelle, that stands on these grounds for one hundred and four years, to celebrate our experience and success at the School of New Resources.  Here we have grown into who we are.  Let us take our knowledge and transform the world!

Ann Marie Chan
New Rochelle Campus

As we walk across Radio City music hall stage and into the world of reality, we deliver a message loud and clear: That the graduates of The College of New Rochelle have arrived!

Ralph Henry

“The gown and hood that we wear this evening signifies the passage from one stage of life to another… We have traveled a course that for many of us started out at different times in our lives, but today we are all arriving at the same destination together.  The School of New Resources has properly equipped and prepared us with the right tools to unlock the door of opportunity.

Therese Williams

We are here not only to celebrate our achievements by meeting the requirements to obtain our degree. We are also a testimonial to the fact that no matter what circumstances or oppressions existed in our lives, they did not overshadow our desire to become better!  Despite the many challenges, we knew our educational journey would change our lives and those of our families and our communities.

Dianne Dessereau
Co-op City 

I can, without a doubt, attest to the fact that choosing CNR was the best decision ever. I believe my fellow classmates will agree that the family oriented support system we received at The College of New Rochelle was and will is both EXCEPTIONAL and EXEMPLARY.

Bridget Kumbella

You have made us confident to believe that we will make a different. We will live each day striving to live the motto of The College of New Rochelle, Wisdom for Life. We believe all of us can make a difference and influence nursing for the greater good. We will use our moral courage developed under your branches to seek righteousness for those we care for. We will stand up for social justice. Nursing is fifty-eight people stronger because of you today.

Valerie A. Sirani

Welcome to Our Newest Alumnae/i -
Class of 2008
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