F I T N E S S  F O R  L I F E !  D A Y  2 0 0 8
A Day of Fitness Education and Fun for Active, Healthy Lifestyles

On September 18, 2008, 124 students, faculty and staff of the College participated in the 1st annual CNR Fun Run and Walk, part of  Fitness for Life! Day 2008. The purpose of this new college event was to encourage participants to strive for lifelong fitness by engaging in enjoyable physical activity and to set an example for the entire community. Following the Run/Walk muscle strength testing, flexibility testing, and waist circumference measurements were tested to give participants additional information on their overall fitness status. Fitness for Life! Day 2008 was also a celebration of the new Wellness Center, and a day to come together as a community to engage in wellness education.

The Fun/Run, and other Wellness Day activities were organized by Director of Wellness Programs and Education, Adrienne Wald, who worked with a committee that included Tiffani Blake, Associate Director of Student Development; Terri Eberle, Director of Government Relations; Marianne Milzoff, Assistant Director of Health Services; Colleen Powers, Nurse Practitioner; Marie Serina, Director of Health Services; Marga Taylor, Associate Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences; and Irene Villaverde, Director of Media Relations.

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