The College of New Rochelle
A L U M N A E / I  C O L L E G E
2 0 0 8  A W A R D E E S

A N G E L A  M E R I C I  M E D A L

The Angela Merici Medal is conferred on alumnae for their outstanding demonstration of exceptional loyalty to church and College and distinctive achievement in their careers.

The Medal, designed by Ernest Thorne Thompson, chairman of the Fine Arts Department at the College from 1929 to 1967, was instituted to mark the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the College. Since 1953, over 100 alumnae have received the distinguished award.

2008 Angela Merici Medal Recipients

Sarah “Sally” O’Hagan Fisher ’43

Yvelise Molina Bosch ’48

Mary Keenan Hart ’58

Marcelle Willock ’58

Jane Perkinson ’63

U R S U L A  L A U R U S  C I T A T I O N

The Ursula Laurus Citation, created by the College of New Rochelle in 1956, is a special and distinctive award honoring alumnae and friends of New Rochelle who have provided outstanding leadership and have demonstrated by their capabilities, efforts, and interest, their selfless and generous devotion to furthering the high ideals and rich traditions of Ursuline education. 

2008 Ursula Laurus Citation Recipients

Margaret Svack Dyroff  ’43

Patricia Charles Begley ’48

Josephine DiFrancesco Jacobson ’53

Roberta “Bobbie” Tolle DeBaldo ’58

L. Joan Mehltretter Goodman ’58

Jane Reiss McAniff ’58

Mary Delehanty Mandeville ’63

Rosemary Tomczak Strekel ’68

Christine Loomie ’73

Rachel Gambardello McGonigle, SN ’83

Julie Siard McMahon, SN ’88

Tara O’Neill-Brant ’98

Women of Achievement Recipient

Aulana Pharis Peters ’63


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