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War Work in N.R.C.

Immediately after the declaration of war, last spring, a course in First Aid was given at the College under the auspices of the New Rochelle Chapter, Westchester Branch of the National Red Cross Society. The course, which had been started through the enterprise of the students, was given by Dr. Paul B. Fitz-Gerald. Twenty-five students attended the lectures. Miss Elisabeth Brady ’18, was President of the Class and Miss Marie Kieran ’18, the Secretary.

In the fall of 1917 an independent auxiliary was formed in the College. A large room in the Gymnasium Building has been fitted up for the Red Cross, and here the work of making surgical dressing is carried on every morning and every afternoon, not only by the College students but by the New Rochelle members of the Catholic Woman’s League. There are over one hundred student members in this auxiliary and the interest the girls took in the work, while having its foundation in patriotism, is due to a great extent to the unflagging energy of Mother M. Loyola, Moderator of the Unit. Miss Helen Cogan ’19, is President and Miss Gertrude Fleming ’18, is Vice-President.

 At Christmas time one hundred comfort kits were fitted up by the students and were set to the soldiers in camp.

The proceeds from the mid-year play was turned over by “Props and Paint” to the Knights of Columbus War Fund.

A course in Dietetics was opened at the beginning of the Second Semester, and this course is supplemented by lectures given by Mother M. Xavier, Professor of Sociology.

It is needless to add that hundreds of knitted articles have been supplied during the year by the industrious knitters—who comprise almost the entire college. So that N.R.C. is trying to do its share of the work that must be done at home, and neither will it cease its efforts till there is no more need for the things of war and till our thoughts and energies can turn freely to pleasanter things.

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