R  E  M  E  M  B  E  R  I  N  G    C  N  R 

Carole Saunders Doyle

C L A S S  O F  1 9 5 4

As I think back on almost fifty years since I have graduated from CNR, many thoughts enter my mind. Times have changed dramatically since those simple, uncomplicated days! Our “day-hop” crowd was also simple and uncomplicated! We would congregate in the Day Hop room each morning and plan our days and evenings. Bridge in THE TEA, Glee Club practice, football games at Fordham—these were the thing that we thought were important. And I guess they were for 18-19 year olds at that time!

However, with the maturity of 70 years, other more important things stand out! CNR prepared me for the life I’ve tried to live—a Christian woman. We were taught that education meant educating the whole person (physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually). This philosophy enabled me to enjoy an enriching professional life, a loving family life and a rich spiritual life. The goals and aspirations we were offered at CNR lead me down this path and opened windows for a young woman 50 years ago. For that breath of fresh air, I thank and salute you—CNR!

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