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 Administration & Staff

Selected Profiles

By Sister Martha Counihan, OSU, College Archivist

Kenny Sheahan: In the 1940s and ‘50s at CNR, when she saw the red wagon, students knew that Kenny Sheahan, the College’s cheerful, helpful “handyman,” and the daily mail weren’t far behind.

John Becker: Better known as “Gus,” John was the campus Security Department beginning in 1926. Working throughout the night patrolling the campus, his major responsibility was noting dorm rooms with lights on and passing the list on to the Dean. With obligatory 10 p.m. (later 11 p.m.) “lights out,” students guilty of having lights on in their rooms received demerit slips in their mailboxes the following day. With changes in “dorm” living and more access to the campus in the 1960s, a larger Security force arrived.  Long-time employees among Security in later years were Charles Whitehead and Director William McKenna.

Joe Carlo was in charge of the Sports Building, following Walter Hartery, who was the first caretaker when the building open in 1932. Students who came to shoot baskets, practice for Swimphony, or rehearse with the Glee Club, often stayed to talk with Joe Carlo. He knew all the students, cheered from the sidelines, applauded at concerts, and did his best to “mend hearts and fences” along with equipment and windows. When he retired in the 1970s, the seniors presented him with an outstanding senior award. The College is especially indebted to Joe Carlo for given the College 100 pieces of Victorian style antique furnishings that he had refinished and upholstered, as well as, researched and documented. These pieces are now in the Castle living rooms.

Muriel Martin: A familiar face and voice in the Dining Hall (now known as the Student Campus Center) for almost 40 years was Scottish-born Muriel Martin. Like many beloved employees, generations of CNR graduates were delighted to see and hear Muriel’s cheerful voice when they returned to campus for Alumnae College and other events. Muriel loved her “girls” and they loved her.

Other familiar faces in the Dining Hall with over 25 years of service each were Aanfe Visser, Robert Parker, and James Clifton Bellamy. They were there through snowstorms and the two blackouts of 1965 and 1972, some more obvious serving in the cafeteria, others, chefs, behind-the-scenes. Returning alums today may recognize the familiar smiling face of retired Tony Santacroce who served in the Dining Hall for several decades.

Mother Regina Mahoney:  Located in the former gate lodge of the Francis Wilson House, the College Infirmary, now known as the Health Center, was home in the 1920s and 1940s for Mother Regina Mahoney where she generously doled out TLC to generations of indisposed CNR students until her retirement in the 1970s. Marjorie Murray and Agnes Kenny also served CNR students in the Infirmary and Sports Building for many years through the 1970s.

The College’s finances were handled for many years by Mother Scholastica Quinn (1938-1956), followed by Mother Mary Rose Cocks (1956 -1978) both of whom served as Treasurer.


College Archivist, Sister Martha Counihan, OSU has deep roots here at CNR. Her grandmother and great-aunt were graduates of CNR in 1911. Her mother, several aunts and cousins, are also alumnae. Sr. Martha herself is a graduate of CNR, Class of 1967; she has a master’s degree in Art History from the University of Delaware and did her thesis on the architectural history of Leland Castle, which led her back to CNR as Archivist in 1976. Several years after receiving her M.S. in Library Service from Columbia University, Sr. Martha went to Latin America and engaged in pastoral ministry there. She returned to the United States in 1993 and served as a chaplain in the NYC area. In 2001, Sr. Martha returned to CNR as Archivist and Special Collections Librarian.


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